Ming and Ping

(Omega Point Records 2005)Ming and Ping - MP2

What is not broken, does not need fixing, right? That certainly seems to be the case for San Francisco-based twins Ming and Ping. The light electric pop of Ming & Ping's debut album, "MingPing.com," was memorable and full of strong songwriting and the duo's second album, "MP2" is no different. As much about the lyrics as the now ancient -- I mean, "classic" -- video game samples that pepper the songs, Ming & Ping keep things gentle and airy. And, of course, the brothers' brief spoken outtakes make an encore appearance: such as on "The Master," where one brother giddily proclaims his video game dominance over the other.

Pulses set the rhythms as light, airy melodies dominate on "A Little Different" and "Patiently." Somewhat more reserved, a low thumping pushes "Concretelike" and "Midnight on The Bridge" as it throbs quickly. Similarly, the pulsing beats of "(this is) The Dream of Electric Sheep" rely less on a crisp, clean melody and more on raw rhythm before a synthesizer takes a well deserved solo.

A soaring chorus mixes among the electronic twinkles of the dance-ready "Delete" before the quick, yet delicate, melody of "Satellite" sets your fingers tapping along to the bright and bouncy rhythm. Light, lively "Shenzen Speed" moves quickly while the extremely memorable melody of "Splended" twinkles lightly over a more solid beat as they declare, "I know you're everything that's magic/You're like a whisper in the morning." A catchy chorus makes "The Greyest Blue" light and upbeat while its opposite, "The Bluest Grey," buzzes and crashes in a low tone.

Fans who enjoyed "MingPing.com" will undoubtedly appreciate the consistency of Ming & Ping's music on "MP2." While Ming and Ping can not be faulted for keeping with what works for them, it would have been interesting to hear "MP2" taken in a new direction. But half the fun of "MP2" is dancing; the other half is enjoying to the brothers' lyrical poetry, making it more accessible than artsy.