Mondo Generator
"Cocaine Rodeo"

(Southern Lord 2000)Mondo Generator - Cocaine Rodeo

On his 1997 Mondo Generator side-project, Queens of the Stone Age bassist/singer and ex-bass player for the Dwarves, Nick Oliveri implements the trick of his former band - keep the songs short and catchy so the listener doesn't realize how sick, violent, perverted, drugged-up and misogynistic the lyrics can be. But then again, with a title like Cocaine Rodeo, you're already generating a certain idea in everyone's mind. With a cast of unquestionably colorful characters, including Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss), Brant Bjork (Kyuss), Up N. Syder (Karma to Burn's Rob Oswald), and Burnt Mattress (Brent Malkus) among others, Rex Everything (Oliveri's pseudonym) lets out his anger in a heavy album that will get your razor blade a-tapping.

Opening with "13th Floor," one QOTSA fans will recognize as "Tension Head," Mondo Generator set the stage with a tight opener and follow up with a wild, thrashing chorus on "Shawnette." The speeding punk sounds of "Uncle Tommy" and "Unless I Can Kill," on which Oliveri declares "I don't want to live unless I can kill," lead into a break from the, uh, death and destruction for the listener on "PigMan," with its comparatively lighter sound instrumentally. "Simple Exploding Man (Extended Version)" is unquestionably a stand-out track between Oliveri's all over the place psycho vocals, Bjork's crashing drums and Homme's driving guitar riffs and leads. The album retains a certain sense of humor with the amusingly up-beat melody of "I Want You To Die" and the circus attitude of "Cocaine Rodeo," with its motto of "wake me up and get me high."

For the unfamiliar, Mondo Generator's "Cocaine Rodeo" needs a certain sense of humor when you're listening to it - take it with a grain of salt, or a line of coke.