Mondo Generator
"Dead Planet"

(Suburban Noize 2007)Mondo Generator - Dead Planet

A lot has happened between the release of Mondo Generator's debut album, "Cocaine Rodeo," and their newest release, "Dead Planet." No longer merely a side project, the former Queens of the Stone Age bassist and singer has spent the last few years concentrating mostly on Mondo Generator, turning it into his main band. From the rough, loose and over the top debut to the more focused sophomore album "A Drug Problem That Never Existed," it is more than clear that Oliveri is trying to focus and put some variety and longevity into Mondo's sound.

Anyone that doubts Oliveri's abilities need look no further than the catchy and speeding sounds of "I Never Sleep." Darker swirling riffs offer a gritty rhythm on "Lie Detector" before the pounding rock of "She Only Owns You" offers a somewhat toned down side of the band. "My love is like a bomb/I'll leave you in pieces," Oliveri screams over the tightly repeated riff of "Like A Bomb," keeping his fierce metaphors alive. But it is on the few cover tracks that the album offers that listeners really get some insight into Oliveri. Heavily bouncing riffs keep The Ramones' "Mental Hell" moving and Johnny Cash's "Sam Hall" offers a searing electric folk sound while a stripped down cover of Roky Erickson's "Bloody Hammer" that really shows off Oliveri's skills and captures the song's essence.

Oliveri sings, screams and speaks his way through "Dead Planet." With such a varied album, Mondo Generator now offers more than just speeding songs seething with aggression. It is that deviation which gets "Dead Planet" into some trouble as the album occasionally comes across as flat before being picked back up and reinvigorated. Even the best and most hard rocking party needs some variation from time to time and "Dead Planet" tries to keep things dynamic.


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