"Don't Worry About The World"

(Self-Released 2008)Monster-0 - Don\'t Worry About The World

I don't like to read up about artists or their work before I listen to an album for review. I prefer to begin with a clean slate. I'll admit that by first glancing at my copy of Monster-0's CD "Don't Worry About The World," I thought it was probably a generic metal band. The name of the project makes me think of a Rob Zombie lyric. When I popped it in the player, I was surprised.

It's not generic metal at all. For the most part, it's clean-cut synth pop. If I were booking a Daft Punk tour I'd sign Monster-0 as the opening act. Upon reading the liner notes, Monster-0 is written and performed entirely by Daemon Hatfield, a San Francisco-based DJ. The vocals are sometimes a male with no effects, presumably Hatfield. Other times there are vocals with effects, which may or may not be the DJ. And sometimes there are no vocals at all. The music, made on a computer, varies from danceable synth pop to acoustic guitar driven lullabies. The track "Young Man, Be Wary!" could easily be mistaken for Ladytron.

Most of this album is too mellow for most clubs, but I have a feeling that he didn't record this for club play. It's something I could enjoy while going for a drive or just hanging out at home. If you're a fan of this genre or want to check out something new, I'm recommending this. It definitely doesn't suck.


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