"Entertainment System"

(Omega Point Records 2003)Monster-0 - Entertainment System

If it is possible that there was anything good about the 80s pop electronic music, Monster-0 have found it. At the very least, they have found the parts that were, and still are, guilty pleasures. They have taken those parts and reworked and repackaged them for their EP, "Entertainment System." Armed with sounds including bites from old console games, the 80s never had this kind of attitude.

Fading into action, heavy beats machine gun in the background along with lighter pulses on "Take Me Down" as singer and programmer Daemon Hatfield's voice blends into the textures. Smooth, catchy and likable, "Jesus Christ (I'm Having A Good Time)" has entertaining lyrics delivered over rhythmic and poppy instrumentation. A soft synth ballad, "Love Is On The Way" builds up in volume and intensity while a bridge of quick hissing pulses keeps things interesting. Hatfield addresses his, apparent, arrogance in a laid back style on "Manatee for Humanity," complimented by the clapping beats and racing synths with piano. Slow and steady, "The World Is Fine" uses old school video game sounds (a thing near and dear all of our hearts), claps and some scratching to keep a fluid sound. Up tempo with crashing cymbals and a synth riff, "Or So You Think" touches (again) on Hatfield's self-importance. "The politicians are now DJs," Hatfield sings the uncomfortably accurate lyric on the band's mid tempo and poppy 80s cover of Reflex's "The Politics of Dancing."

Too long at times and too short at others, Monster-0 offer a debut worth taking notice of. They, luckily, do not blatantly over use the video game effects "“ a practice that could make the songs more novelty than music. Instead, Monster-0 keep the sound based on synths and drums for what amounts for a good combination.


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