"The Motherjumpers"

(Self-Released 2006)Motherjumpers - The Motherjumpers

There are some bands whose sound is loud and full of so many elements that even if the band makes a mistake, listeners can rarely tell. But there are other bands, like Brooklyn's The Motherjumpers, whose lighter sound will betray even the slightest of errors. While some bands would merely trudge through the mistakes and chalk it up as atmosphere and a badge of honor for their rock and roll image, The Motherjumpers put all the notes in their rightful places and keep things spotless on their soulful soft rock self-titled debut.

With a light and bubbly rhythm that sets "Most Days" moving is both likable and clean as it bounces along before smooth vocal harmonies drive the action and dominate, such as on "Constructing A Face" as, similarly, harmonies help to enhance the gently rhythmic "Search/Roam." On "Gone By Fall" the band setup and show just what they are capable of as the slow, bluesy tune takes its time and lets itself sink into listener's minds with lyrics like "I'm wearing a crown of thorns that was woven with my own hands." The Motherjumpers offer delicately arranged ballads on "Less (no. 2)" and the stripped down vocally focused "Crowned." The band close out the album with the sweet and melodic love song "Thorns & Coals" where they declare that "you're all I want."

Although their name might threaten to mug your mom, but The Motherjumpers are more likely to help her across the street and then play her some of the tender and gentle songs from their self-titled album. A carefully constructed album, The Motherjumpers stand tall with their first effort.


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