Mouth Of The Architect
"The Ties That Blind"

(Translation Loss 2006)Mouth Of The Architect - The Ties That Blind

After adding a new guitar player and a new bass player to their lineup, it seems that Mouth of the Architect's sophomore album, "The Ties That Blind," is aptly titled as the band have continued onward despite those changes. But "The Ties That Blind" does not offer any excuses and nor does it need to. The band's instrumentally-driven metal offers the perfect balance as it thoughtfully and effortlessly bends towards both a slow, heavy, doom-laden crunch and a spacey, melodic sound that seems weightless.

Mouth of the Architect require full devotion for "The Ties That Blind" as each of the album's six songs meanders without a care while still remaining focused. Guitars keep "Baobab" interesting as the song hints early on of doom before progressing into a melodic driven interlude while on "No One Wished To Settle Here" the band are in no rush as the easy start is betrayed by chugging, buzzing riffs. Percussion gently gains momentum as it overtakes the twinkling but still sinister melody which opens "Harboring an Apparition" and exerts power. Mastodon's Brent Hinds makes a guest vocal appearance on the dreamy and full sounding "At Arms Length" as he trades off on lead vocal duties with Mouth of the Architect's Jason Watkins and Gregory Lahm.

For Mouth of the Architect's "The Ties That Blind" little is as it first might appear. Without a doubt, Mouth of the Architect makes the instrumentation of "The Ties That Blind" the focus. While vocals play an important part, it is that something extra, that energy, emotion and heart that Mouth of the Architect play with, that makes the instrumentation pop.


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