Movie Star Kiss
"Starting Over"

(Self-Released 2005)Movie Star Kiss - Starting Over

Los Angeles-based band Movie Star Kiss sure are ambitious. The band, which formerly went by the name Supercrush, ride a wave of high energy on their second full-length release, achieving that often desired pop modern rock sound. Somewhere, the one hit wonders of the 90s rock scene are grumbling.

The familiar pounding drums sound of "Getaway" and "Let It Ride" are bouncy and upbeat with a slick rock attitude. Chunkier, grittier guitar riffs push the more melodic "These Days" forward. Movie Star Kiss might go a bit sappy on "Alicia" with a smooth, slightly slower melody but they can keep their heads held high when it comes to the bright and catchy song. Only on "The Night" do the band hold back some, opting for a more reserved sound despite some hand claps integrated into the mix. Guitar really gets to step out of the shadow and receive the full focus of attention on closing track "Starting Over" as the soft song fulfills its melodic potential.

With a few exceptions, Movie Star Kiss manages to avoid clichéd sappiness on "Starting Over," making the record more of a rock album than a pop album. A strong showing, Movie Star Kiss hit their marks and deliver enough to make "Starting Over" a fun, high energy rock album without going over the top. Although a somewhat outdated genre, Movie Star Kiss update their sound with a full guitar sound while the voice of singer and guitar player Ryan Michael seems well suited for their music.


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