Mr. Twit
"International Rock And Roll"

(Self-Released 2005)Mr. Twit - International Rock And Roll

Generally, world music is a very serious and solemn genre. But when a band called Mr. Twit claim a sound called "international rock and roll" and then name their album after it, you should probably approach cautiously. Dabbling in world music, Mr. Twit's "International Rock And Roll" is a slightly schizophrenic trip through music that quickly settles into place and comes together well.

Mr. Twit set you spinning wildly like a top on the stereotypically Italian flavored "Then Again" as vocalist and guitar player Greg Dunn describes a girl who spends her life waiting for "the one." Putting a twist on an Asian inspired melody, "Cosmonaut" is rhythmic and poppy rock. Imposing percussion pounds rapidly on the tango-gone-awry tune "Masters of Dinner Challenge (Iron Chef Song)" as it describes the popular television cooking competition show. Light like "The Girl From Ipanema," Connor Desai takes over on lead vocals for "Waiting In An Airport." Popping, sputtering and twitching all over, "Mania" is quick driving rock where electric guitars add flare and style before the quick moving "Next To You," which puts a classic old world spin on things. Smooth pop rock brings "International Rock And Roll" together with the laid back track "Elephant."

Regardless of the silly name, Mr. Twit's "International Rock And Roll" is anything but foolish as it hops, skips and jumps through music and picks up some international accents along the way. Never overly serious, Mr. Twit makes "International Rock And Roll" fun and light. Had the band explored the themes of their album perhaps a bit deeper and with a bit more gravity, "International Rock And Roll" could have been turned into a vibrant and fascinating album that fits a vacation into a handful of songs.


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