"The Looks"

(Last Gang Records 2006)MSTRKRFT - The Looks

Electronic duo MSTRKRFT is more than just a remix band. With a moniker no doubt in homage to Kraftwerk, MSTRKRFT borrow some concepts from those German originators as they work computer processed vocals and beeping pulses into "The Looks." MSTRKRFT, the child of Death From Above 1979's Jesse Keeler and studio wiz Al-P, are full steam ahead with their debut album as it boogies down with a definite disco appeal.

Light and easy, MSTRKRFT want to get the party started from the very instant you hit "play." "Work On You" is sure to get the party mood going as its rhythm bounces along and pulses add texture to the mix and setting the pace while a robotic voice promises, "I'm gonna make you mine, under the disco light." Clear female vocals go a cappella before thick pulses and the clapping sound of the drum machine join for a fluid combination on "She's Good For Business" as elsewhere the album's title track delivers an infectious rhythm while sampled vocals fit oddly together for a clever result. Again delivering a repetitive hook guaranteed to keep their songs in your head, the funk-laced track "Bodywork" continually reiterates "makes your body break." MSTRKRFT continue to keep things interesting with engaging instrumentals "Paris," with its heavier edge, and "Neon Knights," with its tweaked out, fuzzed out sound.

Aside from their ideas, there is little organic in MSTRKRFT's "The Looks," as it is easy to imagine the pair's well loved laptops and drum machines smoking from over use by the end of the album. "The Looks" is a pulse quickening, engaging album that remains lively throughout.


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