"Murdocks EP"

(Surprise Truck Entertainment 2003)Murdocks - Murdocks EP

The Murdocks are catchy and engaging as they quickly rattle off four tracks on their debut EP, once you get past the intimidating and slightly pretentious song titles. Balancing instrumentation and vocals, the Texas-based three-piece blend the instruments for a rock sound that has a beat and a broad appeal.

The band's Strokes style catchy guitar rock powers the familiar and upbeat "Death of a French Whore." A slower, more sinister melody, "My Scarlet Purpose" offers a vivid story told over buzzing guitar, lots of cymbals and a driving bass line. "The times they'd laugh on me, and spit on me/Their fingers right on me, feel wrong on me/This world is mine," singer/guitarist Franklin Morris sings on "Dance the Vomit Shakes." The mid tempo shuffle with occasional instrumental build up, focuses on Morris' clear, crisp vocals. Faster and engaging, "Maidenhead" is all about instrumentation as it drowns out the vocals.

The Murdocks' self-titled EP is a strong offering and introduction, which is incredibly likable with both bouncy rhythms and slower moments. The band's familiar sound gives you a feeling of comfort as you dance and thrash along. In the end, the Murdocks EP leave you wondering when a full length album will follow.


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