Various Artists
"Music With Impact"

(Regain Records 2007)Various Artists - Music With Impact

Before you sit down to watch this particular DVD, it might be a good idea to ask yourself "how much do I like metal?" Me, I love metal, maybe a little too much. I mean, if metal were a woman, I would make sweet love to her. If that statement doesn't really creep you out, proceed with your viewing experience. If your knowledge of metal ends with Disturbed or whatever crap oozes out of the radio these days, it might it be a good idea to put the disc down, turn around, and walk away slowly.

"Music with Impact" offers twenty-three videos from Regain Records' current stable of artists, as well as some clips from their back catalog. Most of the songs are all kinds of brutal, and by the same token, fairly inaccessible. But for those of us that are into this sort of thing, there is a lot of good stuff to be found on here. Some of the highlights include clips for the awesome, albeit edited (boo!) Sahg tune "Godless Faith," not one but two videos from Behemoth, and two from Polish death metal juggernauts Vader. Arch Enemy, pre-Angela Gossow, are on display with their video for "Bury Me an Angel," which makes me appreciate the current frontwoman's displacement of Johan Liiva (nice shades, dude).

Unfortunately, the creativity of the videos themselves doesn't quite match the quality of the music they were made for. Most are the standard "band in room" fare. You know what I mean: band plays in a room with hanging chains, band plays in a room with light bulbs, band plays in dimly lit room, band plays in brightly lit room. There are few exceptions to break up the monotony, like the surprisingly high production value of the uplifting techno-metal of Samael's "Telepath." We even get two awesome/cheesy CG videos that look they were made with hardware approximating a Nintendo 64. One is for the proto-Misfits sound of The Bronx Casket Co.'s "Little Dead Girl" (which, to be fair, marries video and music rather well), and the other is for, surprisingly, Vader's "This is the War" (not so much).

Overall, the strictly no-frills DVD keeps the music quality high throughout, as long as you press the skip button on Italian horror-metal goofballs Death SS. The disc provides a welcome opportunity to see videos for bands that will never see the light of day here in the good old US of A, especially for those without the benefits of digital cable. Metal enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy a screening of "Music with Impact," and as for the uninitiated…what the hell, have a go at it, just don't say you weren't warned.