Mute Math
"Mute Math"

(Warner Bros. Records 2006)Mute Math - Mute Math

Mute Math may originally be from New Orleans but do not expect horns tooting colorful jazz or Cajun flavored blues in the city's great tradition. Instead, Mute Math offers a minimalist rock sound that is heavy on electronics. The band's self-titled debut album is spacey and simple as it soars by with its light melodies.

Engaging and upbeat instrumentation easily grabs the ear and sends listeners to another place on the memorable "Typical" with its soaring melody and dreamy vocals as "Control" focuses the pop sound on its full and bright chorus. Pulsing and pounding, on "Noticed" the band is a bit more reserved as the song sets a quick pace while "Plan B" adds more audible guitars into the mix. Mute Math put a twist and an edge on The Police's sound for the instrumentally busy "Chaos." On "Break The Same," Mute Math give themselves more freedom as the song offers a more aggressive rock sound that seethes with power. But the album's stand out comes by way of the twinkling "Stall Out" that comes across like a falsetto Beach Boys sound-alike with its lilting melody.

While Mute Math claim to be experimental, it is difficult to know what exactly they mean. A listen to the band's album reveals nothing spectacularly new or even untried. But Mute Math remain focused with their self-titled album as it gently pulls the listener in to smooth melodies while soft but insistent rhythms keep things moving with their pop experimental rock sound.


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