"Escape From Planet Love"

(Omega Point Records 2006)Mystechs - Escape From Planet Love

Marking the departure of Nick Dye, the Mystech's front man (at least for the last few albums), "Escape From Planet Love" makes it clear this band is not going anywhere, despite some line-up changes. Introducing their new vocalist Derek Dziak, the Mystechs keep things fun and funky as they take a stab at their newest premise. This album sees the band tackle a theme of hip hop and R&B with a futuristic space setting.

Crunching synthesizers wake you up and get you moving with the catchy "Bitchslap!" The Mystechs deliver unforgettable lyrics through thick beats on "Ghettoplex 15" such as "if it sucks ass, we'll throw milk duds at the screen" and "if I had to do a dude, it'd be Jude Law." Vocalist Christine Ingaldson takes control on "Orgasmatron," the bump and grind love tune to vibrators, and the ballad "Slow Poison" before adding a soaring anthem-like chorus to "Road Warriors Ride." Falsetto vocals blend with twinkling instrumentation for a dirty, filthy, sexy sound on "Astroglide" while "La Salsera" bounces and jumps with a reggaton wannabe sound and "Swamp Thang" delivers a vivid story.

With smarter and cleverer rhymes than Weird Al, the Mystechs make "Escape From Planet Love" a solid album. The faux rap, hip hop and R&B that dominate the album shine through in the end. Emil Hyde's gang delivers another smile-inducing album of memorable tunes.


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