"Jook Een Dah"

(Omega Point Records 2004)Mystechs - Jook Een Dah

The Mystechs are following the plan they laid for "City Folk," their last album, closely. Group sing-along? Check! Monster song? Check! But did their last album have a national anthem? The Mystechs continue to catch your ear with their clever lyrics, their laptop close at hand, on their newest album.

With a deep and broad rap style, rough around the edges, making up the verses of "The Gutter," the song adds some flavor with the chorus, shrill, camp. The chorus of "Rock and Roll killed the Eskimos" tries, successfully, to get stuck in your head as the mid tempo and ironically electronic instrumentation is accented by a short and trippy guitar solo by Avenpitch's Todd Millenacker. The Mystechs throw you for a loop with an acapella all female vocals cover of "O Canada," the country's national anthem. The song might be the ideal lead in to "Hockey Night" which pulls you in with its solid hook over intense pulses as Hyde plays MC again: "Ain't no fun "˜til there's blood on the ice." Peppered by heavy pulses and some horns, "Disco Hammer" is laid back club cool before, low and lurking just behind your stereo, "Lingfush" is a rhythmic and aggressive monster song.

Silly and serious, "I Wanna Be Your Car" is a slow to mid tempo rock love ballad. Dye delivers the song's chorus, "Vroom, vroom, vroom/Boom, boom, boom," in his usual sincere tone. Quentin Tarantino may be interested in the highly entertaining "Deadly Style" whose mid tempo music is catchy and clever, jumping out at you with its kung fu storyline. In the vein of Ween's "The Mollusk," distorted vocals and piano drive "Evil Bob" as it alternates between slow and sad and swift toe tapping. The quick, short pulses of "The South Dakota Gluebag Connection" get slow as the "high" sets in, "Scotch guard makes me loose my mind!" Dye recounts a fish tale, of sorts, on "Beast" as horns flare romantically, as if setting the scene in a dramatic movie. Pulling it all together, "Come Out, Come Out" is a group effort backed by, most notably, piano and harmonica.

You may not be ready for their deadly style, but the Mystechs have gotten catchier while offering some new sounds on their latest effort. The album touches on several concepts, including their alter egos The Buick Brothers, instead of focusing on one -- a fact that both helps and hurts the album.