Mystic Underground
"It Really Shouldn't Be This Hard"

(Stereosonic Recordings 2008)Mystic Underground - It Really Shouldn\'t Be This Hard

For some, the love of electronic-pop consumed their lives back when The Cure made their debut in the '80s and I don't blame them. Although, for me it was Ghostland Observatory's "Silver City" that started my obsession with pulsating retro synth sounds a couple of years ago. Ever since, my fascination with anything electro has grown and I've been known to buy even the cheesiest electronic albums on impulse. So, when I began to listen to The Mystic Underground's 2008 release, "It Really Shouldn't Be This Hard," it came as no surprise when I immediately fell head over heels.

"It Really Shouldn't Be This Hard" contains frenetic synth beats created by Benedetto Socci which are covered by lyricist Vladimir Valette's dark vocals. A couple of key tracks are "Where Have the Club Kids Gone" and "New Hyde Park" with my favorite being the latter. About two minutes into track nine, "New Hyde Park," there is an addictive keyboard riff that makes my head bob every time I hear it (I've hit repeat at least ten times for that part alone). As for the appropriately titled "Where Have the Club Kids Gone," let's just say it'd be a great backdrop to the ending of Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin (great movie).

The NYC duo blended their first concoctions of new wave, post-punk, dance tunes back in 1999 and have since grown a massive fan base that has led them away from playing in metro NYC to touring the eastern US seaboard. This fairly new album and their robust noise makes them a great addition to the rapidly growing electronic indie scene.


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