My Vitriol
"March 23, 2002"

My Vitriol - March 23, 2002

Opening for Andrew W.K.
Theater of Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Let's just say it now and get it out of the way -- it was a weird bill. Brit alternative rockers My Vitriol, tie-dyed wearing Zeppelin-wannabes Silvertide (who looked to have brought their own groupies, judging by the scantily clad girls in the crowd who disappeared soon after their performance) and all-around American psycho Andrew W.K. While a huge majority was there to "party 'til you puke," a handful, such as myself, was there to see My Vitriol on their first American tour.

Taking the stage first, and saying nothing else but "We're My Vitriol from London," the quartet got straight to business, playing hits like "Grounded" and "Always: Your Way" from their highly acclaimed debut album "Finelines" (which has yet to be released in the States). Between the intense concentration that the band showed musically and the unique mix of grungy melody that sounds like little else, the crowd watched, unsure but respectful, throughout the set.

Front man Som Wardner held all attention during the closing song, "Tongue Tied," when after nailing the guitar part, he fell to his knees and repeatedly screamed into the microphone as his band mates continued playing; the passion and intensity only matched that of the music and (hopefully) left an impression on the audience. With "Finelines" currently set to be released at the end of May and the American music scene plagued by "nu-metal" and fabricated "rock", My Vitriol are certainly a welcome change.

Setlist: Alpha Waves, Always: Your Way, Kohlstream, Cemented Shoes, Grounded, Infantile, Losing Touch, Tongue Tied