"Songs Your Mother Never Sang You"

(Onlinerock Records 2006)Needle - Songs Your Mother Never Sang You

The collection of dreamlike tunes and adult lullabies from Needle on "Songs Your Mother Never Sang You" may pull you out of your body and into a peaceful and calming place. Minimal to the extreme with only some keyboard effects, acoustic guitar and the occasional appearance of a violin, Needle focuses on vocalist Julie Cornett's faint and delicate voice. The combination is ten tunes that hint of new age and lo-fi as they gently massage your ears.

A simple but effective acoustic guitar melody starts the memorable "It's No Secret" off on the right foot as the song smoothly finds its way. Soft but insistent, "On The Run" hangs heavy as a lilting keyboard melody adds some texture while the weightless "Start" offers hints of something besides dreamy melodies. Needle make good on the album's title promise with the fuller trancelike "Make Love" as light background vocals accent the breezy melody of "Good Intentions." Light vibes and violin add a sweet note to the whimsical "Black Holes." Needle's cover of Neil Young's "Helpless" -- a smart and possible ideal choice of a cover that suits the band -- opens up from where previous tracks on the album have gone using gentle piano and letting Cornett's vocals do a majority of the work.

Patience is a must for Needle's "Songs Your Mother Never Sang You." Without it listeners may find themselves searching for something solid to hang on to. Needle's reserved music is all about saying more with less. In short, Needle is not ready to hand you everything on a silver platter. But with your ear turned carefully to Needle's "Songs Your Mother Never Sang You" you may not hear anything starkly new.


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