"Hit Me Again EP"

(V2 2005)Neon - Hit Me Again EP

Aussie pop rockers Neon may the first in a while to reach US shores with a new spin on Britpop. Driven on high energy and unabashedly pop-friendly, Neon's songs have that hint of 90s indie rock without abusing it. Infused with singer and guitarist Josh Bitmead's fluid vocals, Neon's "Hit Me Again EP" might be quick and to the point but it is also a release that leaves you interested and curious to hear more of the trio's music.

Thick guitar riffs grind on the verses of "Hit Me Again" as the song rides a power pop wave with its upbeat and infectious melody. Drums crash throughout the slower "Dizziness" as Neon, unrushed, turn the song into a slinky rock ballad. Neon pulls things together with the demo versions of two songs. The quick moving demo version of "He's A Whore" soars on a likable melody while the demo of "Million Sons" is a well balanced gentle ballad that finds a middle place between strumming guitar and Bitmead's light vocals.

The band's first United States release to date, Neon certainly has given music fans Stateside a taste of what is to come and what can be expected based on "Hit Me Again EP." In the United Kingdom, the non-demo tracks already grace the band's self-titled debut album along with ten other tracks, an import worth checking out for those impressed by this EP. Neon's "Hit Me Again EP" is a fresh change in rock from the overly artsy bands and the overly simplistic bands that are currently seeing success.


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