Neptune Thomas

(Ugly Spot Records 2000)Neptune Thomas - TrashcanSuperhero

It's not very often a band opens with a song containing lyrics like "Tell me if I'm wacked or sane" but Neptune Thomas go where others refuse to go. While the lyrics throughout their album "TrashcanSuperhero" aren't the most meaningful, the lyrics do seem to say something. Some of the songs even seem to lyrically follow up earlier songs; for example, the third tracks, "Downtime," says "I live my life in fear"¦This time fighting to the death" (a rather upbeat tune considering the lyrics) and is followed later by "I told you before guess I wasn't too clear / Told you before I could make it here" ("What I Told You") and then by "I'm gonna come back and fight some more" ("Ugly Spot").

Instrumentally, the guitar could have been featured a bit more as it showed definite potential but ended up playing the same rhythm in a majority of the songs while the drums, on the other hand, dropped the ball several times throughout the album. "Despise" was one of the highlights, featuring a distorted sounding funky guitar riff, but unfortunately, came a bit too late - being the 8th of 11 tracks. Another song that had a different sound from the rest was "Fear of the Unknown" which was just too different to fit the album, appearing like an apple in an orange grove. Neptune Thomas even includes a special "hidden" track if you let the final track, "Vent," continue.

The album isn't the strongest and has weak spots but will still be worth a listen to some!


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