(Self-Released 2000)Nevershine - Nevershine

Here we go again. Another West Coast band (so they're from Arizona, close enough) that's obviously had some influence from the Orange County scene. But wait, Nevershine's self-titled album actually has something to recommend it - it's good. The album is a collection of thirteen catchy, high energy, guitar driven songs that have great harmonies and strong vocals. Songs like opener "Breathe Again" and "Yesterday" show the strength of the band's guitar player and are great examples of their just-pop-enough modern rock sound. Lyrics such as "And I don't regret anything from yesterday" ("Yesterday") and "I just want to be / As interesting as you / Maybe then I'll see / I'm Ordinary too" ("Ordinary") aren't overly simple or trying too hard to be important. The highlight of the album was "Better," and song that stuck out from the rest just enough to still fit in with the other twelve tunes. The song rides of the strength of the guitar and vocals singing "If there is a God / Well he must find this amusing" ("Better"). All in all, Nevershine show a tight set of songs that are above average and "you won't be let down."


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