New Mexican Erection

(Nasty Cactus Music 2005)New Mexican Erection - Co-Dependent

It only makes perfect sense that a band named New Mexican Erection are from Las Cruces, New Mexico. But a name could never tell you that New Mexican Erection is a pounding heavy metal quartet. Where typical metal bands have a full instrumental sound that is almost visible as it fills the room with its buzzing energy, with only one guitar in the mix, New Mexican Erection's sound maintains a more minimal style.

Guitarist Miguel Romero pummels his instrument for grinding, heavy riffs on "Invisible" as vocalist Travis Manning flip flops awkwardly between aggressive spoken vocals and a softer singing voice while "Monkey," which opens weakly with monkey sound effects, maintains the intense tone, pounding quickly and puts all of its exertion into catchy chorus that swings up and down. With a looser structure, "Listen" works the dynamics with less heavy verses and guitar riffs, putting the emphasis on Manning's vocals. Similarly, "Drag" takes a more melodic approach that, while lighter, is still teetering on the edge, giving the impression that New Mexican Erection could spring into attack mode at any moment as guitar sings out a smooth melody on "Better Than You," before sliding back into the gritty instrumentation that dominates "Co-Dependent."

With a less instrumentally intense sound, New Mexican Erection seem to put too much energy into their System Of A Down-like sound that might experiment with sounds here and there, but never commits enough to make any decisions. In the end, New Mexican Erection's "Co-Dependent" blends together into one long churning guitar riff where cymbals crash.


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