Nine Black Alps
"Everything Is"

(Tiny Evil/Interscope Records 2006)Nine Black Alps - Everything Is

Manchester, England, quartet Nine Black Alps do not know how to use their inside voices. Luckily that volume and enthusiasm translates well for their debut full-length, "Everything Is," as it pounds, slams and crashes without concern for their surroundings. With a definite bite and attitude, Nine Black Alps' sound is driven by their high energy that works as a continual assault throughout "Everything Is."

Vocalist and guitar player Sam Forrest's voice is mixed into the buzzing instrumental action, helping to create a cohesive sound as "Get Your Guns" pounds its catchy melody while "Cosmopolitan" keeps things going with its sweat inducing quick pace. Guitar riffs swirl darkly on "Not Everyone." Sandwiching quiet moments between the loud, Nine Black Alps get the maximum impact; a simple guitar melody brings out "Unsatisfied" while quick finger picking acoustic guitar on "Behind Your Eyes" and the soft ballad "Intermission" show a completely different side of the band. Slightly poppier, "Just Friends" bounces on catchy vocals before the album's title track brings to mind The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" as it takes a somewhat quieter and different direction for a refreshing change as Forrest asserts "everybody is a liar, everybody has a price."

Nine Black Alps quickly snap your head into place with their thundering instrumentation. Balancing gentle melodies that are integrated into thick riffs and crashing drums, Nine Black Alps help to give "power" a new definition. "Everything Is" pulls no punches and Nine Black Alps make it clear with their strong debut showing that they are not going anywhere without a fight.


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