No Roses
"Hell Or High Water"

(State of Mind Recordings 2005)No Roses - Hell Or High Water

Philly hardcore band No Roses just seem to want to get in and get out. Considering that the band's CD EP "Hell Or High Water" races through seven tracks in only nine minutes, they should have no problem accomplishing that goal. With such a short recording, No Roses are under that much more pressure to make an impression. "Hell Or High Water" pulls you in with pounding drums and lively electric guitar that does more than just repeat a riff.

No Roses come rushing in with "Two For Five" as guitars add some tone and depth to the otherwise pounding instrumentation. A light but full driving guitar melody helps to add balance to heavy percussion and singer Jon Hunt's aggressive vocals on "Snapshots" and the quicker "Hell Or High Water." Taking a heavier stance, "Let's Go Reno" pounds out a lively rhythm that pulls you in before the humorously titled "Dedicated To The Delicate" throws an instrumental assault at you. Hunt's vocals step out some on closing trap "Fete De La Victoire" as No Roses put up on last fight, guitars squealing throughout.

Throughout "Hell Or High Water," No Roses put their best foot forward and the energy pays off. But the performance is somewhat passive as the band fail to take full control like they could on some tracks as they reiterate certain sounds and structures. No Roses' "Hell Or High Water" has an undeniable characteristic to it that makes it pop out as more than just another hardcore band thrashing and pounding away at their instruments.