Obsessive Compulsive
"Crash EP"

(Self-Released 2000)

The "Crash EP", a 4-track, nearly 16 minute long EP from 2000 by Obsessive Compulsive, is an almost progressive story. In the first track, "Crash," vocalist Kelii sings the slightly bitter lyrics "My god why don't you crash my car?/ He should be suffering./ My God, why don't you burn my house down?/ Anything to get me rid of this feeling." The EP continues with "Eliminate Personal Comments" and the lyrics turn from being a woman looking to get "rid of this feeling" to a woman more in charge - "I'm sick of holding in, what I want out,/ Don't give me nothing, nothing, give me your everything". Both tracks feature a guitar solo, but in a more subtle less in-your-face-we're-doing-a-guitar-solo way that provides a nice bridge and change in the songs. But because the solo, and the instruments, seem to be more in the background, your attention is more drawn to the lyrics and Kelii's strong vocals. "Still The Door Slams Shut," the third track, is an honest ballad that seems to a raw edge to it. While this track could easily be over done, Obsessive Compulsive put a smooth and simple instrumental part to this song that complements and doesn't take over. The final track, "Love is Pain," returns to the upbeat rhythm but not an upbeat mood. "Don't be afraid of my black ringed eyes/ I'm just in love and love is pain/ I wish you'd hurt me just to see how it feels/ When love is pain and pain is real" makes the listener wonder if the woman in the song needs to escape an abusive relationship, dry her eyes, get some sleep or just touch-up her make up. In any case, the album is over all strong and catchy, showing a definite potential.