Oh Captain My Captain
"Recklessly She Split the Sea"

(Bladen County Records 2008)Oh Captain My Captain - Recklessly She Split the Sea

Whether you will enjoy Oh Captain My Captain's "Recklessly She Split the Sea" depends on what you ask of your music. The demanding music snob who needs constant stimulation and innovation will toss this one after the first few songs. But the average Radiohead/Weezer listener looking for some non-invasive background music may keep the disc around for a few weeks. Lead singer Jesse Bettis leads the band through some almost inspiring tunes, as well as evoking a tad too much of a certain popular band at times ("Oh Coldplay My Coldplay"). His voice has potential but lacks charisma and energy.

The sonic landscape of "Recklessly..." is rather bland. Like an artist who uses the same three colors in every painting, there is no instrumental variation whatsoever. Drums. Bass. Guitar. Every. Song. This works for bands with extremely creative guitarists and singers, but not for OCMC. Some of the guitar and vocal melodies are interesting, but none are exciting or exhilarating. The band did most of the tracking live in the studio, and therein lies the main problem with the album. The production on "Recklessly..." fails to capture the brawn and energy of what seems like a great band to see live. OCMC either needs more experience in putting together interesting arrangements or an engineer who can do their big slamming classic rock-based sound justice.

Like so many promising debut records, "Recklessly..." does some good things, but in the end fails to integrate all the aspects of the band into a fully original, inspiring sound. This record is a prime example of a band whose live sound does not translate into a good recorded sound. That being said, the talents of this Portland quintet could mature into something very appealing if they mature into a band who can lay down a record and not just recorded versions of their live set. Don't bother picking this one up - but check out their next album...if there is one.


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