"Devils In My Details"

(Synthetic Symphony/SPV Records 2008)ohGr - Devils In My Details

It's been five years since Skinny Puppy's Ogre and Mark Walk released their last album as through their project ohGr. For the duo's third release, they've enlisted actor Bill Moseley to join them on "Devils In My Details." With Moseley adding spoken-word poetic performances to a majority of the tracks, that leaves Ogre and Walk to break, distort and generally muddy up the music. It goes without saying that you can rest assured that these two are good at what they do.

ohGr aren't shy about coming out strong. The thundering march of "Shhh" pounds with the essence of Ministry -- before the retirement, that is -- and grabs you instantaneously while "Psychoreal" hammers over rapidly mashed up distortions. A spoken-word intro on "Feelin' Chicken" fades away as the song adopts a Miles Davis funk, see-sawing loosely. And if that didn't throw you for a complete loop, ohGr offers a weird mutation that sounds not unlike pop on "Timebomb" with overdriven electronics smacking over the gentle melody of plinking keys.

"Devils In My Details" is a mish mash of everything you might expect from a project from two men known for their industrial and electronic music. Luckily, they throw in a few surprises, too. And while they opted to mix many of the vocals so that they are often hard to make out from time to time. What does pop out, however, adds another, very distinct, layer to the overall album. ohGr's "Devils In My Details" is focused and evenhanded from start to finish and plays effortlessly, almost seamlessly, as each track bleeds into its predecessor.


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