Oh No Not Stereo

(Self-Released 2009)Oh No Not Stereo - 003

Once upon a time in a music scene far, far away, making an album was an art form. Bands fixated on creating an entity -- the art, the songs, the concept. Each piece was inseparable. Then things like iTunes' buy by the song came along and the rest is history. Oh No Not Stereo's "003" is an album that comes across the best when you tear it apart and take it in pieces, specifically the bits you like. Full of choruses and riffs that seem practically tailor made for use in commercials and television, the Los Angeles-based band's sophomore release is an adrenaline rush of bright pop rock that might have you skipping tracks from time to time.

Duo Skyler Nielsen and Mykul Lee know what sounds good. Each track has a shiny gloss and a fresh, crisp sound and "003" has its shining moments. The shadows cast over "Brothers" makes for a darker sound driven by powerful guitar riffs and a catchy melody while the runaway bounce of "Say Anything" is made for getting stuck in your head. Naturally the band throws in some tracks with more substance and thought, as well. But the piano-backed ballad "A World Of Your Own" is more than just a requisite ballad as its soft melody hits the mark.

Although somewhat lengthy -- at fifteen tracks and 50 minutes -- for a pop album, if you like your rock 'n' roll to be upbeat and poppy, Oh No Not Stereo's "003" is worth giving a spin. Taken as it is, the album is a good time. But at times it feels too much like a time warp that places you back in the late '90s modern rock sound scene. Other times Oh No Not Stereo take flight on "003" and, originality be damned, a good tune is a good tune.


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