Only Children
"Change Of Living"

(Glurp Records 2004)Only Children - Change Of Living

From members of The Anniversary, Hot Rod Circuit and Some Girls comes the debut release from The Only Children, "Change of Living." Drawn together through their love of what they call "classic America rock, folk and blues," "Change of Living" seems to seamlessly blend the styles so that one label is not more pronounced than any other.

Twangy folk and blues on "Sky Begins to Storm" leads into the album cautiously before electric guitars are plugged in and riffs start driving the rock and roll on "Change Of Living." As with a majority of the songs on the album, Josh Berwanger duets with Heidi-Lynne Gluck, his soft voice coupling with her sweet vocals that are made for this style of music. Their duets on tracks like the gentle piano plunking "Jesus Came Too Late" and "St. Graves," where instrumentation builds up gently, are understated but a highpoint of the album. Finger-picking guitar adds the light melody on "Lonesome Road," as Berwanger and Gluck's vocal harmonies blend and add to the delicate tune. Elsewhere, The Only Children toughen their sound with pounding drums and slide guitar on "West Virginia" and harmonica wails on the bluesy "Before It Fades."

The Only Children may only be rehashing and rewriting songs and artists that they grew up listening to, tweaking and changing where they see fit, but "Change of Living" has an charming spirit. The familiarity of The Only Children's "Change of Living" is inviting in a traditional way that you rarely find these days.


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