Outlaw Order
"Dragging Down the Enforcer"

(Season of Mist 2008)Outlaw Order - Dragging Down the Enforcer

The tides of Katrina left a lot behind when they finally ebbed out of the shattered city of New Orleans: broken houses surpassed in number only by broken dreams; a city choked with ghosts left to wonder why nature’s whims are so cruel; a shattered faith in a government supposed to do everything in its considerable power to protect and aid its people. This cesspool of anguish, anger and resentment has already bred powerful music from acts like Down and Soilent Green. Now it’s Outlaw Order’s turn to lash out at those who turned a blind eye to their home’s plight.

And lash out they do. You’d be hard pressed to find a more genuinely bilious metal album on the racks right now. Seeing as how this band makes up 4/5 of Eyehategod, it’s absolutely no surprise that Outlaw Orders sound a lot like…Eyehategod. And that can only mean that “Dragging Down the Enforcer” is a concentrated dose of pure, uncut sludge. This is everything you’d expect from such a record: huge chunks of swamped-out guitars, slow headbang-inducing groove throughout, and vocals, courtesy of Mike Williams that sound like he’s spitting through a mouthful of empty and oozing sockets. The production, of course, smears everything in a thick layer of crusty grime. This could almost be a template for producing a quality sludge album.

Outlaw Order deal in red-eyed musical assault, and “Dragging Down the Enforcer” is a full house, gnashed teeth over clenched fists. This is black blood of the earth, tapped straight from Nola’s vein. And unless you’ve lived in America’s Black Eye, you’ll not understand the stew of emotions its residents live with. This is as close as you’re gonna get.


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