"Half The Time"

(Curb Appeal Records 2006)Pablo - Half The Time

If I hadn't Googled "Pablo's Half the Time" I wouldn't have suspected that this is in fact NOT a solo album by some dude named Pablo. Pablo is actually a band, and this is their debut, a musical collaboration between family and friends. If I had to categorize this kind of music I'd call it blues-folk-country-slightly psychedelic-pop music. The basic formula is to emphasize a heavily strummed acoustic and add a touch of bouncy piano and some slightly hard rock guitar, all the while with huge choruses ringing through each track.

"Wall Street" opens the album with the common blues standard way of half singing and half shouting the melodically bare verses, which works pretty well though at the same time annoying me a little bit. "Half The Time" is the second track and in my opinion the best song on the album. This does not count the Zombies cover song "This Will Be Our Year" that, of course, blows all the original material away. The rest floats dreamily by in a chaotic lazy stream of countrified musical dirges that don't really grab me as being as tight as they were probably intended to. I can't deny that this kind of music will probably lure a lot of listeners in, but I honestly do not dig it.

Again, I wish to emphasize that the cover of "This Will Be Our Year" is undoubtedly the greatest song recorded on this album and that it puts the entire band to shame with its upbeat and joyfully melodic wonders. So if you want to hear a pretty damn good cover of a classic song intermeshed with some pretty damn average sounding rote rock songs, then lap this up for it's worth. Otherwise, stick to listening to the Pixies and The Meat Puppets.


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