Paper Champions
"Weekend of Compromise"

(Reason Y 2004)Paper Champions - Weekend of Compromise

When will emo die??!! Atlanta, GA quartet The Paper Champions come off as no more than a poor man's version of Face to Face as "Weekend of Compromise" is an utterly trite album with a rather run-of-the-mill sound chock full of melodies that can be quite wooden at times as the album is no more the modern shrink wrapped music for the Hot Topic shoppers.

"Downtown and Out" has vocalist/bassist Jason Morrow singing with what could come off as a carbon copy of the same loathsome grouse of just about every lead singer of every band that is on Vagrant or Drive-Thru labels whereas the title track itself contains harmonies that just don't go anywhere. "The Wait" is more fodder for doomed youth as the guitar chords chime in to make the sound it could be the theme song for a really sappy sitcom. The acoustic sullenness from "Words and Inaction" has a somewhat hackneyed vocal precision that fails to blend in with the instrumentation as "Burning Quiet" just somehow makes every song on the album sound the same. It just seems that all throughout the album, The Paper Champions Try too hard which carries the consequence of unoriginality in "Believe" as it does with the sour balladry on "Sleep".

"Weekend of Compromise" is chock full of a sound which is just seems to be speeding off of the assembly lines these because bands like these seem to be coming in at a dime a dozen. Magazines such as A.P. would have no problem hyping up a flavor-of-the-month band like this although it seems like a batch of pink slips is the only form of paper that should be given to The Paper Champions.