Patrick Wolf
"The Magic Position"

(Low Altitude Records 2007)Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

Might 2007 be Patrick Wolf's year? Things sure do seem to be going right for twenty-four year old British singer. He spent the spring touring with Amy Winehouse and released his third full-length release, "The Magic Position." Brooding, mysterious and dramatic, Wolf's album is one half singer-songwriter and one half experimental electronic.

Wolf's rich voice maintains control on "The Magic Position" as instrumentation, chiefly piano and strings, remains at a minimum throughout. Wolf shows off a childlike whimsy, blending in simple melodies reminiscent of a merry-go-round, and upbeat attitude with the album's title track and "Get Lost." The cheery sound is short-lived, however, as Wolf indulges a dark side while still making it appear appealing. A combination of smooth flowing piano and strings set the stage on "Magpie" as Wolf duets with Marianne Faithful as the slowly melodic "Enchanted" borders on cabaret. Only when pulsing electronics enter is Wolf's dominance challenged by the rough thumping. On tracks like "Accident & Emergency," "Bluebells" and "Secret Garden," he shows off a different side -- one that, no doubt, pays tribute to Atari Teenage Riot, who Wolf attributes as an influence -- with quick, high energy throbbing beats.

Grandiose and fearless, there seems to be little Patrick Wolf is afraid of as he pushes himself on "The Magic Position." Wolf covers a lot of ground but somehow manages to make it all fit together in what ends up being an odd and striking puzzle. Each song on "The Magic Position" holds a secret, and Wolf wants to reveal that secret to you.


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