"Let There Be Morning"

(Nettwerk Records 2005)Perishers - Let There Be Morning

If the Swedish-born, London-based band The Perishers are going to do something, it seems they are going to go the whole way and do it. There is no pussy footing around. Or rather, as it turns out, there is quite a bit. The band's American debut, "Let There Be Morning," is as soft as soft rock can go with light piano melodies and Ola Klüft's vocals practically murmured.

Carefully, so as not to injure the instrument, Klüft more plinks than pounds his piano for ballads like the stark essence of "Weekends" and the affirmative tone of "Let There Be Morning." Melodies come out shining, leading on tracks like "Sway," with its bright edges, the particularly soft harmonies of "A Reminder" and "Nothing Like You And I," where low thumping bass drives the slow build up to a full instrumental sound. Klüft's vocals blend into the melody of "Going Out" for an ultra smooth result while a duet Sara Isaksson on "Pills" produces a minimal and heartbreaking ballad that sees them admitting "We need lies/to make it through the day/We're not ok."

When the band does step away from their soft and slow ballad style -- albeit with a hint of cautiousness and hesitance -- the resulting songs are encouraging. The somewhat upbeat "My Heart" endears the listener with its memorable chorus while the rhythmic "Still Here" tries not to bounce too brightly and bring the album up.

Although consistent, "Let There Be Morning" comes across as tedious at times from its lack of variety with one soft ballad simply leading into another soft ballad. But with gentle harmonies and melodies that would surely make Karen Carpenter proud, "Let There Be Morning" has its moments.


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