Peter Walker
"Young Gravity"

(Dangerbird Records 2006)Peter Walker - Young Gravity

While his last album, "Landed," has an all-star backing band, this time around, Peter Walker is changing things up. On his sophomore album, "Young Gravity," Walker steps out and establishes himself. Light country meets rock harkens back to more traditional sounds and structures as Walker's soft vocals ride on the wave of instrumentation that drives the album with dynamics.

Without over powering the song, "39 Stars" is smooth and light with a well placed guitar solo, putting some backbone into a folksy sound that dances between country and rock. The album's title track pulls together everything that "Young Gravity" is about as Walker's vocals are balanced between gentle guitar and full drumming that builds and falls throughout the song. Tracks like the delicate "New Orleans" offer a soft sound while slide guitar echoes and keyboard melodies plinks lightly on "Talk To You." Taking some chances, songs like "Don't Think Twice," with its snapping rhythm and light chiming melody, and "On TV," an acoustic guitar ballad with Walker's vocals under heavy effects, add some quirkiness to the album and keep things interesting. Even on "Sleepin Around," Walker steps up a bit, offering a rougher rock song as "Preacher" bounces along on gritty guitar riffs.

Walker seems coolly confident on "Young Gravity." The elements that Walker unites on "Young Gravity" work together well while the album's often quiet nature just draws you in that much more. Just like its title, "Young Gravity" is weightless and still developing, but Walker keeps his feet on the ground for an endearing result.


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