"The Bare Truth About Philmore"

(XS Records/6X6 Records 2002)Philmore - The Bare Truth About Philmore

Philmore offer their squeaky clean sounding take on pop and emo on "The Bare Truth About Philmore." While the band offers plenty of catchy sing song vocals, those only take you so far. They can not offer everything that a well rounded album needs. And with respectable instrumental execution, Philmore offer an earnest attempt to make that well rounded album.

The upbeat "Four on the Floor" opens "The Bare Truth About Philmore" with a bright, poppy sound and guitar driving from behind while clear vocals lead from the front. Less optimistic with distinct instrumental segments, "Mobile Telephones" is a bit more youthfully thoughtful. "Who Cares About Tomorrow" starts rhythmically and low key before jumping to a power chorus and a slightly distorted guitar solo. Guitar drives "Mon Petite Chou-chou," a song of unrequited love told in pop punk style, while the louder and with a, relatively, grittier sound, "Always Right" is radio material with its swelling chorus.

Melodic guitar and harmonizing vocals characterize "Lucy" as singer and guitar player Justin Greiman, somewhat whiningly, confesses, "Lucy told me lies." Philmore further explore their soft side with "Every Moment," a gentle love ballad accentuated by just the right amount of drums on the chorus to give it some feeling. Adding some synths to the mix, "I'll Be With You" has a rock tinged-easy disco sound that is unique from the album's other tracks. Thicker driving guitar riffs lead "Until June" while vocals gently harmonize. Coming full circle, the upbeat pop punk sounding "Dotted Line" closes the album.

Philmore's "The Bare Truth About Philmore" is sure to appeal to some pop punk and emo fans as it fits both genres well. And while Philmore offer ten crisp, clear songs that are pleasing to the ear, they are not the most original, simply repeating the two genres, lyrically and instrumentally. But you really have to dig to find anything past that.


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