Pink Spiders
"Sweat It Out"

(Mean Buzz Records/Adrenaline Music 2008)Pink Spiders - Sweat It Out

You have to give The Pink Spiders credit…or rather you have to give their promotional team credit. How often do you receive plastic sunglasses with fluorescent frames and a condom as part of an album's promotional campaign? Answer: not very often. Not only do those two "gifts" help you to play safe but they also set the tone for the party-ready Nashville-based band's fourth release, "Sweat It Out."

To say that "Sweat It Out" is pop rock is a serious understatement that doesn't begin to give The Pink Spiders credit. No, the album is over the top rock that isn't shy about its poppy ambitions. There are plenty of power chords here that you've heard before and the obligatory ballads also manage to show up, like "Don't Wait For Me," a melodic tune that reflects life on the road ("I guess this is the dream, but no one said it'd be such a machine"). Bratty but energetic, "Stranglehold" and "Gimme Chemicals" are speedy and undeniably catchy.

On "Gimme Chemicals," singer/guitarist Matt Friction announces that, at 26, looking back, he'd do it all again. And that's where The Pink Spiders' "Sweat It Out" comes into focus. Boisterous and bouncy like a college party, soaked in alcohol and the DNA of who knows what, "Sweat It Out" has its fun and easy moments but it lacks the maturity of knowing that tomorrow, while reflecting back during the walk of shame, this won't seem like it was such a good idea.


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