Pistol for a Paycheck
"Persona non Grata"

(Burning Building Recordings! 2004)Pistol for a Paycheck - Persona non Grata

For some odd reason the album by this Seattle quartet opens up with the some stewardess -- oops, I mean flight attendant -- giving pre-flight instructions as if this album is going to be some wild and intense ride. Wrong. It merely segues into a rather pantywaisted metalcore overdrive in "The False Architects of God," a track with the vocals that are tantamount to the resonance of a hamster being tortured by a child. The guitar licks in "Anchor" sees this band trying too hard to make them seem serrated when in fact they are merely dull and rusty. It seems like a really lame melodic excuse for skate punk and what makes it even worse is that this is the track where the singer can't decide on what voice he wants to make for the rest of the albums duration. At one moment he goes from sounding like the lead singer of a really bad Alice in Chains cover band to the horrible screech similar to the ones that Bruce Dickinson started to make in the mid to late eighties when Iron Maiden really started to suck ass.

For all intents and purposes "Persona non Grata" is a train wreck. These guys just seem like the type of dudes who make music for the kids who want to dress up like Gerard Way or that dude from A.F.I. who became a bi-goth just to be fashionable. Dude, I once too had a girlfriend in the eighth grade that dumped me. There were actually two. But I am in my early twenties now so I am totally over it. Pistol for a Paycheck should either make some tunes with real vision in the songwriting or just end up acknowledging that they are indeed persona non grata.