Plain White T's
"Every Second Counts"

(Hollywood Records 2006)Plain White T\'s - Every Second Counts

While The Plain White T's may be a new name to many on the music scene, for others they are old news. With nearly a decade under their belts already, the band self-released their debut album "Stop" in 2002. But "Every Second Counts" is the band's major label debut. Full of smooth pop rock driven by lyrics that would easily be considered emo, The Plain White T's clearly want to make a mark with "Every Second Counts."

"Hate is a strong word," frontman Tom Higgenson admits on "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)," amidst an electrified carnival-like riff that sends the song spinning. "Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk" begs to be made into a single with its easy pop sound and melody. Elsewhere, The Plain White T's focus their sound on quick moving bouncing riffs, such as on "You And Me" and "Our Time Now," that come off as fun as they adds some variety to the album.

Although it is titled "Every Second Counts," The Plain White T's do not seem to make the most of their album. The gentle and melodic songs tend to run together with no major hooks or engagement with the listener to separate the tracks and give each song its own identity. The Plain White T's keep the topics of their songs just specific enough that everyone can identify with them as they croon about the good and the bad of love and relationships. But for their major label debut, The Plain White T's should have taken more chances and showed off their confidence.


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