"Plastic on the Mouth Hole"

(Self-Released 2003)Polemic - Plastic on the Mouth Hole

Even when Polemic tries to sound dark, there is an aspect, whether it is the vocal delivery or a guitar riff, that makes it sound less gloomy. Instead, it mixes your emotions to create a sound that is, at different times, both heavy and bright. Neither upbeat nor terribly angry Polemic tred that line with their attitude commanding and driving. When it comes down to it, it is all about guitar melodies, a couple synth parts and some screaming that makes up Polemic's "Plastic on the Mouth Hole."

"Turn Your Head Around," with its monotone vocals, varies between melodic and grungy instrumentation, a style that Polemic continues throughout their album. Pounding drums open "Hit Bottom Now," an intense song performed before a background of screams. Gentle but catchy guitar instrumentation carries "The Slump" before more inaudible, over the top screams before "Their Chaos," a soft song with minimal guitar over a spacey hum. Darker, "Funny" is a strong track that dynamically contrasts between a muted, intense sound and a loud, fierce sound. The album's title track, "Plastic on the Mouth Hole" is brighter, both instrumentally and vocally, and engaging while "Dealing" lurks behind you with creepy laughs. Over a background looping the sound of a computer dialing up, "Coup De Grace" is a heavy instrumental and more focused, standing out on the album. "Goodbye/I tried/It's all a lie," guitarist McKenna Mackie admits in a long sigh on the soft "Summified Malignant."

These indie rockers are trying for something important on "Plastic on the Mouth Hole" but fall just short with their schizophrenic songs. Polemic is up and down on each song, leading you on a rollercoaster ride that shakes with each bump "“ they could use a bit of a steadier track. But with some strong guitar riffs and unique structure, Polemic offers something a little different.