"At The Adelphi"

(Black Dead Roses Records 2005)Pomes - At The Adelphi

In 2003, The Pomes put out a six track EP on Omega Point Records and only now is the band's first full-length album being released on Black Dead Roses Records. Talk about taking your time. The Chicago quintet ended up using all of the tracks from the "Mind/Body Problem" EP on "At The Adelphi" in addition to six new tracks.

With harmonies somewhat shaky, "Now" is relaxed and easy as its gentle rhythm pounds while the melody of "Charing Cross" is darker and intriguing. Adopting a Buddy Holly style twang, "Pine Box" is a slower shuffle before the understated and endearing piano accented tune called "Josephine." Electric guitar whines as The Pomes go slightly psychedelic on "Disappear Into The Hills," building up the percussion, unlike the band's other tracks, for a full climax. Part time lead vocalist Jessie Wehrle adds a rich, smooth tone to The Pomes as her vocals dominate on tracks like the lively "Last" and the memorable "Carmela" before stretching her voice to duet with Pomes' Michael Cummins for the soft and sweet sounding "The Pretty Girls Go..."

The Pomes have exercised extreme patience, taking their time to record and release their debut album "At The Adelphi." With all of that work that they have put in, let us hope that they have achieved everything that they want. A little bit of country and a little bit of rambling indie rock and roll, The Pomes' gentle and relaxed songs effortlessly and endear themselves, with their comfortable and sometimes sweet tone, in a passive aggressive way, without forcing.