Ponies In The Surf
"A Demonstration"

(Self-Released 2004)Ponies In The Surf - A Demonstration

Ponies In The Surf are the brother and sister team of Alexander and Camille McGregor. Their EP and debut release, "A Demonstration," is a low-fi acoustic that seems more suited for a European café or at a secret coffee house in decades past than in modern day stereos. With Alexander's light acoustic guitar, the melodies are often understated but captivating, the couple duet on music that clearly achieves his goal: "I want to make music my grandmother would have liked."

The lightness of "See You Happy" and "More to Living" carry you away as the guitar melody shines through. Hollow taps add percussion to "Ventricle" for an old fashioned feel as Camille's vocals bring to mind a breathy Marilyn Monroe had she ever done a classic French film, complete with a whispered "cha cha cha" at the end for extra emphasis. Ponies In The Surf come through strongest with "Government Brand," a airy ditty that captures your attention and sticks in your brain. "Gipirales" moves quickly, Alexander taking the lead with his mild mannered vocals. Fingers snap as the duo vocalizes accents of "bum bum" to a simple guitar melody while on "Sweet and Low" and tongues click over an intricate guitar melody on a hidden eighth track.

The McGregor siblings seem to compliment each other ideally, Alexander holding things down as Camille adds some flair. The classy, forgotten sound of "A Demonstration" is a welcome change that reminds you acoustic guitars are for more than just folk rock. Ponies In The Surf are full of promise for the future.


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