Post Harbor
"They Can't Hurt You If You Don't Let Them"

(Burning Building Recordings 2010)Post Harbor - They Can\'t Hurt You If You Don\'t Let Them

Post-rock, instrumental rock, rock without singing, etc, etc. Call it what you will but Seattle's Post Harbor have done something special with their second album, "They Can't Hurt You If You Don't Let Them," or for the lazy author "TCHYIYDLT."

"TCHYIYDLT" is essentially one 49 minute track of tumultuous instrumental rock comparable to Explosions in the Sky or Sunny Day Real Estate. Singer, Anthony Carlucci, sounds identical to Jeremy Enigk after discovering the electronic joys of auto-tune and simple synth beats. Those electronic hints are courtesy of keyboardist Brandon Bogan who adds guitar along with Colin Isler. Kenny Ball and Aaron Gustafson round out the gang on bass and drums.

The album is written with the dramatic ups and downs of a soap opera. There are intricately chaotic spans perfectly complimented by the comfort and easy listening of a soft cello or violin arrangement, reassuring the audience that although some crazy shit just went down in the last episode between David and Veronica things are gonna be okay and you should stay tuned. Their sweeping melodies are interrupted with bursts of energetic guitar riffs and cymbal crashes, only to return to a lightly finger-picked acoustic guitar over ambient chatter amongst friends.

Like your grandmother's "stories" however, there can be a hint of predictability, and without a patient ear, Post Harbor may come off slow and repetitive. To be honest it took me a few listens before I could appreciate (then later crave) Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Ros, or other ambient/instrumental rock bands. Patience is a rare commodity in this instantly gratified world we live in. Once we become immune to the top 20's pop heavy hooks and bubble gum choruses, we can begin to reap the benefits of a gorgeously written and exciting album like this one.


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