Prairie Cartel
"Where Did All My People Go"

(Long Nights, Impossible Odds 2009)Prairie Cartel - Where Did All My People Go

With Local H brains Scott Lucas bringing his raging, screaming, borderline crazy rock-n-fucking-roll attitude to the table for The Prairie Cartel, it only makes sense that his partners in crime, Blake Smith and Mike Willison, formerly of Caviar, would have to match his eccentricity. The result is the debut album from The Prairie Cartel, "Where Did My People Go." It is an album that is a dirty, sweaty, bloody and legally questionable - what with the murder and drugs and all - party album.

Although it's not a crime, it's also pretty damn catchy at moments, too. Unabashedly and blatantly ‘80s sounding, drum machines are working overtime and so are the guitars. Each track is lengthy and seemingly never ending as they loop back, repeating and repeating again (take "Keep Everybody Warm" and "Homicide," for example). But The Prairie Cartel and their basement/warehouse party soundtrack have the endurance to keep going. Echoing electronics and guitars battle it out on the blistering "Suitcase Pimp" while the melody on "Jump Like Chemicals" winds you up tight like a less synthy pop sounding "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)."

To label "Where Did My People Go" as a party soundtrack does the band no justice; this simply isn't background music. While it never becomes tedious, when it ends an hour and seventeen minutes later, you're left scratching your head at where all the time went. That said The Prairie Cartel could have done some editing here and there without changing the overall flow or sound of "Where Did My People Go." In the end, no one likes the messy drunk at the party who out stays his welcome.


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