Pretty Suicide

(Self-Released 2003)

With their up beat and energetic rock tunes that have an edge of pop punk, Pretty Suicide makes feeling down sound better than it feels. As their songs remember users, losers, abusers and old flames, you get a sense of confidence instead of self-pity. All this set to gritty power riffs and strong, soaring vocals.

Reminding of TheStart, especially with Pretty Suicide front woman Courtney's sharp and strong yet slightly squealing around the edge vocals, "Should've Said Goodbye" opens the sampler with pop punk riffs and a certain bounciness "“ oh, yeah, and non-stop cowbell. Staying with the same general sound, "User Abuser" incorporates some guitar parts that remind of No Doubt while the lower tone background vocals repeating the lead remind of the Shangri-Las' "Leader of the Pack." "I knew inside that you should be mine/But times have changed and so have I," sings Courtney on "User Abuser." "Three O'clock Bell" uses a comparatively heavier guitar riff, which distinctly reminds of a twist on Weezer's "Hash Pipe," that gives them a more rock sound that Courtney carries with power vocals. The sampler closes with a "teaser" of Pretty Suicide's cover of Kiss' "Tomorrow" that features more mild vocals but sounds very similar to "Should've Said Goodbye."

With a definite appeal to their sound and an obvious amount of heart in their music, Pretty Suicide will undoubtedly win fans. Avoiding a sound that is too heavy and a sound that is too light, Pretty Suicide has found a nice middle ground for their sampler. And although the songs are not the most original, they appeal as being well performed and enjoyable.