"Blood And Bones"

(Self-Released 2002)Process - Blood And Bones

With vocals sounding vaguely like Ozzy Osbourne, The Process' "Rising Up" has a laid back feeling and a nice guitar solo ending. The Eastern sound meets electronics of "Mist Of Time" sounds a little forced while the opening riff in the kind of catchy "Run Them Down" reminds you of Paul McCartney's "Old Siam, Sir." Transitioning into a more rock feel, at least compared to the reggae previously heard on the album, "Blood And Bones" adds an odd little rap part between the chorus and the verse. Returning to reggae, "Spread The Money" gives a new take on an old idea: "It's like a sickness that you have/But you've got to give up/Some of that cash, it's a crime."

Catchy, if not heavy on the programmed horns, "Rapdown" segues into The Process' cover of Bob Marley's "Get Up Stand Up" that, aside from some 80s sounding programming, sounds similar to the original but with a different flair. "Rasta Calling" has a heavier feel in an odd time signature that sounds good once you get used to it. The album's closing song, "Rising Up (Club Mix)," at 2:40 is short for a club song. And while the song offers a nice ending to "Blood And Bones," it's little more than another song by The Process but with special programming; the vocals seem essentially untouched.

"Blood And Bones" mixes reggae, groove and hard rock for an interesting album that offers a wider appeal than any of those styles alone. While some of the album's programming could be excessive for some, The Process offers a fun and catchy album that gets better with each listen.