"Now or Ever"

(Self-Released 2004)PurePlay - Now or Ever

PurePlay's husband and wife team of Laurent and Irene d'Oréal are sickeningly in love. Or at least, so their music would have you believe. PurePlay's "Now or Ever" release is a mix of 80s inspired easy listening ballads fit for a wedding and dance numbers fit for a club.

Electronic pulses rush by you, whirling, as Irene d'Oréal's vocals are smooth on opener "Now or Ever" while, slower for a romantic feeling, "Pull Me" is melodic and sugary easy listening and "Listen" pulses quicker, thumping and upbeat. More serious, "No Blur" is rhythmic, with a darker beginning that builds to a more feel good sound. Bells jingle with rough and rhythmic instrumentation on "Believe" that reserves a poppy feel as perky, accent by chanting, "Only Love Is Real" is an upbeat dance song.

The album's final three tracks, labeled "Paris" on the track listing, are in French. "Cachée" shows a strong PurePlay as the quick instrumentation has body and attitude. Slow, "Mon Ange" is unrushed and relaxed as claps add texture to the background. Mid tempo but sped up by a knocking pulse, "C'est étrange" pulls the album together with a clear sense of calm.

While d'Oréal's vocals offer a strong but fragile addition, they also lack variance. The ever changing instrumentation keeps things interesting but is not anything you have not already heart on the radio, in clubs or in the 80s.