Pushing Red Buttons
"Foreign Film or Tango Dance?"

(Blockchord Records 2004)Pushing Red Buttons - Foreign Film or Tango Dance?

Obviously, a lot has changed for Pushing Red Buttons since their 2003 sophomore self-titled album. Gone is the sentiment that it is a "really" (times six) "happy world." More serious and ready to rock, "Foreign Film or Tango Dance?" is a collection of songs offering commentary on the expected: politics and the more unique: Girls Gone Wild.

Pushing Red Buttons take control from the very beginning with the catchy and gritty, riff heavy "Tripping Over a Four Leaf Clover" and the memorable and focused "Yoyo." While a number of the songs are bouncy and up beat, it is within the lyrics where the depth is, as reflected in tracks like "Illusion Town," which comments on patriotism, the whirling "M.A.W. (Model/Actor/Whatever)," which name checks Paris Hilton, and "Girls Gone Stupid," an over the top tune about Girls Gone Wild. By the time you hit the saxophone solo on "The Right Side," you are already having flashbacks as "All Of This And More" has a slower, psychedelic influenced sound. Quick guitar riffs bring everything back full circle on "Love Jihad," which includes a chant of the song's title that gives you something to think about as the smooth and tuneful "bonus track" "Something Left For Me" closes the album.

On "Foreign Film or Tango Dance?," Pushing Red Buttons show some maturity, having gotten away from their excessively sugary sound and settled on a more serious but still fun, 80s inspired sound. Pushing Red Buttons pull off a few different styles and keep things interesting while keeping their sense of humor.


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