"She Hid Behind Her Veil..."

(20 Buck Spin 2008)Pussygutt - She Hid Behind Her Veil...

There is nothing about this album that invites a casual listen. The name of the band alone is enough to warn off people who may be skittish about listening to music spun by a duo who call themselves Pussygutt (for those who dig on bands with names like Goatwhore and Dying Fetus, this is a non-issue). The fact that the album consists of a single, 45-minute track isn’t very welcoming. The real roadblock, of course, is the music. “She Hid Behind Her Veil…” is an incredibly sparse drone album that has regrettably little actually going on.

“She Hid Behind Her Veil…” is moved along (albeit sluggishly) by a single bass guitar with various amounts of distortion and effects splashed on it. The album seems to be broken into roughly four “parts,” each featuring a variation on what sounds like the same handful of bass notes rung out to interminable lengths. Background noises crop up and fade out; lonely strings, deep drumming, tolling bells. The violins especially help to punch some holes in the monotony, but neither they nor anything that isn’t a droning bass guitar hang in there long enough to really distract from the album’s unbelievable minimalism.

Pussygutt’s bio claims that the Ohioan pair usually add a guitarist to their live shows and turn the fuzz factor way up, or sometimes perform as a string duo. This makes it puzzling, then, that those elements are absent from this album. The reason probably has something to do with making a statement or something, but boy some of that stuff would have been nice. For an album that practically begs you to put on some headphones for an intense listen, it’s much too lean to warrant keeping them on your ears.


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