Quiet After Nine

(Self-Released 2003)Quiet After Nine - Arrangements

Indie emo pop band Quiet After Nine are all about catchy little rhythms, melodic chords and soaring vocals. It is by blending those three characteristics, plus a few others, that Quiet After Nine came up with their ten tracks first full length album, "Arrangements." And what is the result? A poppy and inviting collection that is sure to still your nerves with its calm nature.

Gentle chords quickly lead to a slightly rougher sound on the smart opener "Make This Happen." While "Decorate Themselves The Same" is similar with upbeat instrumentation, melodic guitar parts and clicking drum accents on the verses. Strings are added to the mix for a deeper, richer sound behind sighing vocals on the soft ballad "Unconvinced and Independent." Quickly returning to a quick, engaging sound, "Came To America" uses memorable guitar chords as the poppy and rhythmic "The Bleeding Is Receding" offers some variety with a longer instrumental part. With jangling tambourine on the verses, "The Last Time" is a melodic mid tempo number followed by the, relatively, harder, despite the blended harmonies on the chorus, and up tempo "Your Improv Killed." "It's a beautiful day," gentle vocals croon on "A Momentary Lapse" while, with the minimal, "Fabrication," the toe tapping, "Merely Tears" and the album's hidden track, which picks up some intensity towards the end, offer a few quiet moments on the album.

Alternating equally between the two extremes of loud and soft, Quiet After Nine's "Arrangements" evolves from guitar rock to something more atmospheric as the album progresses. And while the band dynamically offers several variations on their soaring, melodic sound, they manage to keep it all together.